£19.99 - £24.99

TRAMPOLENE Guitar String Bracelet

Image of TRAMPOLENE Guitar String Bracelet

Bangle made from a guitar string, which was played by Jack Jones.
Silver strings bound with silver plated wire, acoustic brass strings bound with copper wire. The styles will differ slightly whether they have the ball end attached and the positioning of the wire wrapping, depending on which strings have recently been changed on Jack's guitars... ideal for collecting and stacking!
Also now available with beads and a music note charm (click through photos to see).
Wayne's bass strings will be rarer as bass strings don't need changing as often!

Guitar string bracelet sizing – see last photo for measuring guide
As they are a bit bendy (not stretchy!), they can be wiggled over your fist if you prefer a tighter fit so choose the smaller end of the measurement :)

XXS – 60mm diameter fits hand width of 60-65mm

XS – 65mm diameter fits hand width of 65-70mm

S – 70mm diameter fits hand width of 70-75mm

M – 75mm diameter fits hand width of 75-80mm

L – 80mm diameter fits hand width of 80-85mm